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International Symposium on Crystallography - 100 years of History

Fortaleza, Ceará, BR

12 October, 2014 – 15 October, 2014

In celebration of the International Year of Crystallography

In the period of 12 to 15 October 2014 in Fortaleza/CE, during the Symposium, it will celebrated the 100 years of crystallography. The symposium will be the first scientific event on crystallography to be held in the Northeast of Brazil and will bring together professionals and students working in the area of materials characterization by X-ray, electrons and neutrons diffraction, as well as all the major areas of knowledge that use diffraction techniques.

The theme of the symposium100 Years of crystallography, is due to the fact that the year 2014 was chosen by the International Union of Crystallography - IUCras the International Year of Crystallography (see page /). This choice is in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel physics prize to Maxvon Lauein 1914due to his work on x-ray diffraction in crystalsThe experiment performed by two collaborators (W. Friedrich and P. Knippingin the crystal of copprer sulfateidealized by von Laueopened the way for Sir William and Sir Laurence Bragg to determine the arrangement of atoms in crystalsIn a short time, this acquired knowledge revolutionized, besides solid-state physics and chemistry, also microbiology with the discovery of DNA structurethe development of computers, new materialsand nowadays, chemical drugs for prolonging human life.








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